Our Values

At Sarah Flint, we envision a new type of luxury— one that isn’t reserved for special occasions, but brings extraordinary details into your daily life.

This means we never compromise between impeccable style and unbelievable comfort, traditional craftsmanship and modern pricing, big ambition and steadfast compassion. We aim to bring you exceptional shoes with best-in-class service, because we believe the right pair can instantly boost your confidence and brighten your day.

Ours is a luxury that puts people first, built on timeless pieces and clear, kind values.


100% Handcrafted in ItalyMade with quality to last

Created with comfort to be part of your everyday life

Offered without the traditional retail mark-up to bring you exceptional styles at 40% to 50% savings every day

Created by a company and individuals who care, love what they do and how they do it, and who have clear values, commitments and principles to one another, to you, and to our world


To create luxuries for women who delight in the details.


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  • Customer Obsession

    Earning customer trust and creating long-term customer delight guides our decision-making.

  • Focus

    We work smarter, not harder.

  • 360° Kindness

    Kindness and luxury aren’t mutually exclusive. We lead with care, compassion, and empathy and do the right thing by our team and our customers even if it’s hard.

  • Going above & beyond

    We always strive to exceed our own and others' expectations.

  • Creative Mindset

    We believe everyone has the power to be creative regardless of department, role, or seniority and that we are all responsible for our mutual success.

Give $100 Get $100

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