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About Sarah Flint

About Sarah Flint

I believe in style without sacrifice. I believe that women should never have to sacrifice feeling good for looking good. I believe that true luxury means never having to sacrifice quality for price. This is why my brand is direct to consumer avoiding the traditional 6x retail mark up, because the power of beautiful shoes shouldn’t be limited to an elite few.
My shoes are made with fit and function in mind so there is no need for alterations or adjustments. Gone are the days where we should be expected to change shoes for our commute, where we feel the need to break shoes in, where we insert cushions and pads just to make them walkable. I make shoes for women that have places to be. Shoes that make you feel both feminine and powerful. Because this is what it means to walk like a woman.

Sarah Flint

Original design.
Premium Quality.
Shoes that fit and feel good, sold direct to you without the traditional 6x retail markup.

Women have the right to shoes that enable us to walk with both grace and confidence, shoes that never make us choose between being feminine and powerful—because to be one is to be the other. Sarah Flint shoes are distinctly feminine in their detailing, but at the same time they are built with fit and function in mind to make women feel like the most confident and powerful versions of ourselves.