How Meghan Markle's Favorite Shoe Designer Is Trying to Keep Her Shoes Affordable

How Meghan Markle's Favorite Shoe Designer Is Trying to Keep Her Shoes Affordable

Meghan Markle loves Sarah Flint—it's been one of her favorite brands even before she was a royal. But ever since Meghan officially stepped into the royal spotlight wearing a pair of Sarah Flint flats (way back when at the Invictus Games in September 2017), royal fans and shoe-enthusiasts have taken a keen interest in the brand (like, 25,000-pairs waitlist for some shoes interest). And, in good news for those of us who have duchess-level taste but a more modestbudget, the designer has taken steps this year to make her shoes a little more affordable. As Forbes reports, Flint changed her model to sell direct to consumer this year, which is in turn dropped the retail price, making clients happy, and probably giving the princess and mom-to-be even more of an reason to shop online while she's relaxing over the holidays.

Flint explained, "I wanted to offer women shoes that are luxurious and exquisitely crafted, but also functional." It's a perfect summary of why Markle might love the brand so much, since she loves her style but also needs to walk and move around at her various royal outings (most recently while also several months pregnant).

The direct to consumer retail change means big things for Flint’s brand:

"We were able to drop our prices by 40%-50% below traditional retail by taking out the middle man and giving that savings back to our customers," says Flint. "Our previous price point was $495 to $1,200, and now it is $195-$725, with an average of $345. My goal was to be able to offer the best price-to-value ratio in luxury footwear."

Flint says the move means her sales have grown by 250%, which is helping her market to more women. Now she can add little touches like arch support and a rubber foot pad that she couldn't before (perfect for the woman who has to navigate grass and stone, on the regular).

"Returning customers acquired early this year have already shopped with us more than four times on average," said Flint. Markle has shopped with her much much more, of course, so that could be a subtle nod to Flint's most famous customer.

Markle was spotted in Sarah Flint shoes since the very beginning, in her first public outing with Prince Harry ever and since then, she's broken out Sarah Flint sandals and pumps, including the very popular and ubiquitous tortoiseshell Jay pumps—a good staple that brings a little oomph to the princess's trademark fashion-forward style. Sarah Flint was on full display during Harry and Meghan's tour of Australia.

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