9 Bridal Collections That Prove Wedding Fashion Has Never Been So Modern

9 Bridal Collections That Prove Wedding Fashion Has Never Been So Modern

It’s well established that all you need is love—even, or especially, during a pandemic. So it’s no surprise that couples have proceeded to fall in love, get engaged, and host weddings throughout this past year. Brides- and grooms-to-be have found safe, romantic ways to celebrate their nuptials, whether a socially distanced micro wedding or a virtual watch party. Wedding-wise, couples are going against the norm in favor of what works best for them, and this is also the case with bridal fashions. At more recent cautious celebrations, we’ve seen fewer froufrou fairy-tale ball gowns and more looks that evoke an effortless elegance. It seems that comfort and ease are being prioritized more than ever.

In tandem, fashion designers are meeting the moment. Bridal and fashion labels are helping modern brides get dressed in unfussy frocks and comfortable shoes that still feel magical. In fact, several recent bridal collections have captured our eye and the essence of what it means to be a bride in 2021.

Erdem recently debuted what it calls its first “white collection,” which eliminates the back-and-forth process of made-to-order gowns while still maintaining a sense of formality that’s special enough for the big day. “I thought, How modern would it be to have a cotton wedding dress, but it’s embroidered in Italy with little guipure trims inserted in?” founder Erdem Moralioglu explained to Vogue. That’s not the only label taking a casual, cool approach to wedding-day dressing. Sleeper, the brand behind those Instagram-famous feather-trimmed pajamas, recently released a sweet collection for the stay-at-home or easy-elegant bride filled with lace- and ruffle-adorned dresses and silky sets. Sleeper’s accessories are equally noteworthy, from the elbow-length gloves to the ballet flats crafted in a nubby silk textile. Speaking of beautiful, comfortable shoes: Neous’s bridal collection includes architectural sandals made in walkable heel heights—a detail warmly welcomed by brides.

Delicate touches are just as important. New releases from fine-jewelry labels have also received modern updates. In a new bridal collaboration between Amanda Hearst Rønning and Vrai, sustainably created diamonds are clustered with mismatched shapes. It’s a collection that looks as modern as it does timeless.

Here, some beautifully designed bridal collections to help you prepare for a charming (and comfortable!) wedding day.

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