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In 2010, Sarah moved to Italy to learn the technical side of designing and pattern-making. Amongst the Italian artisans, she found a passion for shoes that truly matched her own. She fell in love with the pride and expertise these shoemakers have handed down for generations.

At Ars Sutoria school in Milan she studied under Richard Siccardi, an artisan known for his work
with several of luxury footwear’s most accomplished names including Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik. When, through his experience as a pattern maker in some of Italy’s leading factories, Richard realized that the older generation of artisans were no longer transferring their knowledge to their successors, Richard decided to become an
instructor at Ars Sutoria in order to educate the
next generation. When Sarah and Richard met,
they discovered at once not only similar points-of-view on what makes a beautifully-designed shoe, but matching passions for carrying on the Italian tradition.

All Sarah Flint shoes are handmade in Vigevano and Tuscany.