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Gift Card

Are there fees associated with the purchase of a gift card?

No, we do not charge additional processing fees.

Do gift cards expire?

No, there are no expiration dates for either digital or physical gift cards.

How are physical gift cards delivered, and what does the recipient receive?

All physical gift cards will be delivered via FedEx. Each card is placed in a ribbon-sealed, blue-and-white box, decorated with Sarah Flint’s hand-drawn floral print.

How are digital gift cards delivered, and what does the recipient receive?

Digital gift cards will be delivered via email. We recommend that the gift giver send the confirmation email to their own email address, and then forward it to the gift recipient to assure delivery.

How do I check the balance on a gift card?

Please reach out to for questions about your balance.

If an item is returned that was purchased on a gift card, how are the funds returned?

The funds will be returned to the gift card. We are unable to refund the credit card used.

Can physical gift cards be sent to international customers?

Yes. For international orders including only a physical gift card, there will be a $35 shipping fee with no duties and taxes applied. For international customers purchasing a physical gift card along with another item, our standard shipping fee, duties and taxes will apply.