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Sarah Flint finds inspiration all around her— in 
her travels, in art, and in the vibrant culture of 
New York City where she makes her home. But she also finds inspiration in the past: through classic Hollywood films of the 1940’s and 1950’s and the glamorous world their stars inhabited.

Her Spring/Summer 2015 collection builds on classic silhouettes that Vivian Leigh might have 
worn to a premier of Gone with the Wind, and 
re-imagines them with modern shapes and structural details. Inspired by her visits to the St. Barth’s, 
Sarah uses a palette of sandstone, coral and blue to reflect the ombré affect created where water and sand meet. Letting the ocean speak to her through material choice, you can see the color and texture of the water through patterned snakeskins and bold colored satins. The careful juxtaposition of the materials together with meticulous Origami inspired leatherwork brings the wearer to an oasis with every step.

All Sarah Flint shoes are designed by Sarah in 
New York City.