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The Making Of The Perfect Sandal

“When I was designing the Perfect Sandal, I wanted to ultimately design the Perfect Wedding shoe. Something that provided women with the sexiness and height of a pump, but without any of the pain. Something that could keep them on the dance floor all night long without their heels strewn about the floor by the end of the reception. I included all of our perfect features: arch support, extra padding, a steel rod stiletto, and wider toe box, so that all you have to worry about is what entree you’re going to have: meat or fish? Xo Sarah”

Shop the Perfect Sandal 100 in Black Suede

Perfect Sandal 100 $385.00

sarah flint perfect sandal
Edge staining
Finishing the edges of the raw leather
sarah flint perfect sandal
Smoothing the leatherUsing hot air to smooth and finish the leather for an even texture
sarah flint perfect sandal
Heel counter attaching
Nailing the back of the shoe to the exposed insole

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