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The Making of The Molly

New & Improved! The Molly Sandal is back!

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Molly $265.00

"When I first designed the Molly Sandal, I wanted to create the perfect summer slide. Something that you could throw on for all of your weekend getaways. What I love about the Molly is that you can wear it whether you are on the beach or the dance floor. It is neutral enough to work with any outfit, but a little bit more elevated than your standard sandal. After reading the customer feedback for the original Molly, I worked closely with our Production Team and added all new features to make it even better. Specifically, it has 4mm of extra padding which is almost as comfortable as that toes in the sand feeling :)"

Xo Sarah


Placing the extra padded footbed on the insole leather


Hand wrapping the insole leather around the padded footbed 


Painting sealant on the bottom of the sandal before the outsole is applied

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